General Information about Maldives


•  Climate of the Maldives is sunny, warm and humid throughout the year with occasional showers of tropical rain.

•  Average temperature is between 29 – 32 degrees Celcius.

•  Southwest monsoon: Rainy and Windy , usually from May to September.

•  Northeast monsoon: Warm and dry , from  November to April.

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What to Wear:

•  Due to the warm climate in the Maldives it is ideal to wear cotton clothing.

•  Government regulations do not allow public nudity.

•  When visiting inhabited islands and the capital city it is recommended to wear modest clothing, especially women.


•  Dhivehi is the spoken language but English is widely spoken by Maldivians.

•  Staff in the resorts speaks variety of languages including English, French, Italian, German, Japanese etc.


•  By law, it is prohibited to import firearms, drugs, alcoholic beverages, pornographic materials and idols of worship.

•  To import alcohol, an official license is required.

•  Alcoholic beverages are available on resorts.

•  No alcoholic beverages are sold in Malé and inhabited islands.

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